Crack the Cace

A Cybercrime Cold Case

Hello Cybercrime Investigator,

Thank you for helping us out on such a short notice, we really appreciate your help for solving this case. The team is looking forward to your expertise in helping us analyse and going through all the digital evidence we have gathered on our 3 Prime Suspects which would help us find the cat and reunite him with his owners.

To solve this case, you will have to go through all the evidence that we have collected and filed for you. These include:

  • The case report – Starting point of your investigation.
  • Newspaper articles – A crucial part of your investigation this evidence will guide you throughout your journey.
  • Suspect Profiles – Reports on the 3 suspects we currently have our eyes on. The extension to these profiles would be other suspect information we have gathered which include:
    • Any suspicious text conversations we found on the suspect’s devices that might relate to this case (You have been provided with 3 logs we found suspicious).
  • Photos of the stolen cat provided by the owners.
  • Ransom note sent by the thief for the owners of the cat.
  • Cryptocurrency report – This will contain all the information about the ransom paid in cryptocurrency.

To analyse some of the evidence we would require you to use your expertise in Digital Forensics and Investigation. The thief was very clever to not leave an obvious trail behind so we have to be very careful before blaming one of the suspects, there could be potential false-positives or coincidences which could make it seem that the thief is one of the innocent suspects. Hence to make sure this doesn’t happen we need at least 2 pieces of evidence linking back to one of our three suspects.

To make sure you get all the help you need in your journey we have also provided you with some additional material that you could use when in need (Make sure to go through all the documentation provided for these hints).

Good luck on your journey help us catch a baddie,

Western CACE police department