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Pick up the phone and call us at any point if you need help. We have organised what we think are the most important things to prevent and respond to cyber threats.

Remember, you are a victim and are not to blame nor is anyone that works with your organisation. We see sophisticated educated senior people from large companies being tricked by cybercriminals every day, as much as we see small and medium sized firms compromised by cybersecurity threats.

Everyone is at risk. No one is to blame but the criminals themselves. Everyone can do something to better protect themselves. The most important step today is to Implement a Cyber Incident Response Plan. We have developed a template for small business below.


Cybercriminals send people fraudulent emails, texts and clickbait to attempt to get you to unknowingly give out personal information. A phishing communication is usually a well written scam that is designed to trick you into providing information or data. Many of these scams are very difficult for a human to identify and criminals use our brains against us by taking advantage of the unconscious processes that we all use to make decision making more efficient. Phishing often leads to data breach, payment fraud and ransomware.

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Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects your device (computer, online system, phone) so that it make it unusable. The criminals lock your device and data denying you access to your files and devices. They then ask you to be a monetary ransom (usually in a cryptocurrency) in order to restore your access and data. There is nothing trivial about ransomware. Organised criminal gangs are behind these serious cyber-attacks. Always consult an expert. This is not something to handle on your own.

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Data Breach

A data breach happens when personal information is accessed or disclosed without authorisation. Sometimes the data is lost, but usually it is due to a cybersecurity threat. By law, you must notify your customers and the Privacy Commission if the data breach is likely to cause serious harm.

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Payment Fraud

Every day companies and individuals are tricked by criminals to make false payments, usually done through a phishing email or text resulting in a payment being misdirected to a fraudulent account. Small businesses are especially targeted.

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Security Controls Activation

Did you know that there are 8 essential things that you can do to better protect you from cybercriminals? They are called security controls. One of our digital defenders can help you implement these controls.

Continue your cybersecurity journey today.

Cybercriminals are sophisticated and mostly work in organised criminal syndicates from all over the world. Their structure resembles the sophistication and organisation of a technology company – they are specialised and ever adapting. We have prepared a Step by Step Guide on what we believe are very important steps for everyone, but especially for small businesses.

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